5 reasons why you should add video to your website:

Reason #1

Your visitors will watch a video more than they will read a long paragraph of text. Visitors stay on your website on average 2 minutes longer when video is present.   However, don't dismiss the text due to how search engines search for content.  Using text and video is recommended for optimizing your search engine rankings.

Reason #2

We have become a visual society.  Decision makers generally do not have time to read pages of text.  Just think of what you will do if you need to know how to fix an issue with any piece of equipment.  Your choices are; download a 3 page troubleshooting guide or watch a how to video for your specific problem?

Reason #3

Video converts your call to action up to 3 times more so make sure that you have a call to action on each video that you produce, therefore making you more money..

Reason #4

The use of video will drive more traffic to your website.  Search engines love video. YouTube is currently the #2 search engine in the world.

Reason #5

Show off your personality, staff and your business.  This is especially important if your business is service oriented.  Consumers love to put a face to a name and they like to know who will be coming to their home.

Video Editing Tools

Ok, it's now clear that adding video to your website is very beneficial and almost necessary. Unless you have deep pockets to pay someone to produce a series of videos for your website, you can produce your own videos with a little time for learning and with minimal expense.

What tools do you need?

  • A video camera - A smartphone with a good camera on it will work but you may have to build some type of tripod to keep it still.  A webcam on your computer will also work.
  • Video editing software - You can literally spend thousands of dollars for some software programs but for the vast majority of small businesses can use software that is already loaded on your pc such as Microsoft Movie Maker.  These are basic editing software programs but usually will do the trick.
  • If your web hosting does not include video hosting then you will need to create an account with a 3rd party video host such as YouTube.  Once your video is complete then upload the video to YouTube, copy the embeded code and paste it into your website.

Are you not good on camera?

Not to worry? You can make animated whiteboard sketch videos that will keep your viewers attention and convey your sales message.

 The video above was made with EZ SKETCH PRO. Click the link to the left or the banner above to watch a video that explains how it works, and it won't break the bank.