This seems to be an area the people overlook when developing their marketing materials.  All of your materials should be uniform and include your website address and your logo.

Also, make sure your email signature includes links to your website address or products that you are promoting.  It should also include a photo of yourself so the recipient can view you as a person and not just someone trying to solicit a product or service.

What's in a Name

Everytime I see a company vehicle with the name "XYZ Supply Co.", I am curious about what product do they supply.  The name says nothing about what the company offers.  Your name should include your main product line.  This seems to be obvious but I see so many company names that really don't identify what they do.  So if you are just getting started, keep this in mind.


Your logo is a visual expression of your company, product or service.  So make it unique and visually appealing to your product / industry. 

If you would like to create your own logo or update your current one, for the do-it-yourself person, check this software out  The Logo Creator.  Not only can you create your own logo but you can use it to create some awesome graphics for your website.

Branding Materials

Other ways to keep your name in front of your customers:

  • Personalized Apparel
  • Promotional Ink Pens
  • Memo Pads - great to give out to businesses
  • Magnetic Business Cards - great for refrigerators to hang their photos
  • Labels to adhere to your equipment that you service - key for service professionals
  • Calendars

The key is to use products that people will use and keep around their home or office.

Check out Deluxe Business Products for all kinds of great ways to promote your business.  Click the banner below and start promoting your business.

Here is a few of the signs that I have made with the Logo Creator