Not only can technology teach old dogs (like me) new tricks, it's not an option not learn these new ways of doing business unless we want to be left behind.

Hello, my name is Greg Wilson, founder and developer of

This site is dedicate to helping small business owners and managers grow their business by educating them on new ways of marketing online.  

If this old dog can learn how to build a website, implement an email marketing campaign and more, anyone can do it if you have the desire to learn.  Let's face it, the internet has changed the way we live our lives and promote our businesses.

Can old dogs learn new tricks?
What, a pool guy?

Yes, I am also  a pool & spa guy. You know,  a guy that helps homeowners with maintaining their swimming pool or hot tub.  I will celebrate my 33rd year in the pool & spa industry in March of 2015. I have been blessed with being introduced to some of the best leaders, motivators and teachers of business and life in this industry.  Most of those leaders are the small business owners that drive our country.  It just happens to be in the pool & spa industry.

Not a geek

No, I am not one that sits behind a screen and writes endless lines of code to make a website, although I have learned, on my own, a little bit of HTML.  The truth is, you don't need to know 1 line of code to build and maintain a website or blog.  You just need to know how to copy & paste. Leave the code writing to the people who enjoy that kind of work.

WIIFM? What's in it for me?

Have you ever heard the phrase?; "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life".

Well, that's a big part of why I put together this website.  I thoroughly enjoy making something from nothing but more important, I understand how hard it is to operate and manage a small business. Therefore, I want to share a few products and services  (that I have used and believe in) that will help small business owners and managers grow their businesses.

You may ask: Ok, but What's in it for you?

I do get a small commission from the companies and advitisers that are on this site.  As much as I love helping other people, I do need an income stream to help pay for the expenses that it takes to operate a business and some for myself.  I am not ashamed to say this because this is capitalism and the American way.  This is a great country.

Criteria for the companies that we recommend

1) Product - Their product or service works as advertised. It's that simple. I know this because I am also a customer.

2) Support -  As I mentioned earlier, I am not a geek, so when I can't figure something out I need to know that I can get an answer in a timely manner.

 3) Affordability -  This doesn't mean free (although many companies have free product or trials), it just means that they are competitve in their field and it will not break the bank for a small business.

NOTE ABOUT FREE PRODUCT/SERVICES: When companies do have "FREE" products, your support is virtually zero and the tools that you really need are not included. If products are truly free, there will be a high probability that your email inbox will explode with offers from other companies because they are giving you something free in order to get your email address.